Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lord Carey, what the hell are you talking about?

According to Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury, Killing is longer a sin. (Or are some sins to be rubber stamped now?)

BBC Article

What actually changed? Has he simply changed his mind, or was the rule of God changed? Either, way the inconsistency is worrying. What and where do his beliefs start and end? Either he believes or he does not.

To quote this easily changeable gentleman...

"Today we face a central paradox. In strictly observing the sanctity of life, the Church could now actually be promoting anguish and pain, the very opposite of a Christian message of hope."
Interesting point of view. Apparently there must be suffering out there that was not there before.  Yet I cant help but believe that there has always been pain and suffering, lots of it. That hasn't changed, has it?

The Ten Commandments seem straight forward in attitude to killing. I wonder if he is wavering on all of them too.

Where is your spine Mr Carey?

I want our societies leaders to stand for something. Even if its something I disagree with. This guy is now colourless and stands for nothing, at least not anything he'll stick with. When the wind blows...