Friday, 23 May 2014

Politicians that can't stop talking out of their anus

We've just had some local elections, the trend is that UKIP have gained a lot of seats at the expense of the Conservative and Liberal parties.

This morning I heard an interview with a Liberal representative and this evening an interview with a Conservative representative. In both interviews the representative was questioned about their partie's losses.

In both cases the politicos responded by saying that was actually a positive sign that their policies and campaigning is paying off...

In what world is that true?

You spineless lying pieces of crap. It's an unmitigated disaster for both of you. Both parties described UKIP and a bunch of racists rats, and then proceeded to lose seats to them. As far as I can see if your party is losing to people you think are scum and filth, but you see it as positive then there really must be something wrong with your perspective. 

Then to have the audacity to meet the media and calmly lie your arses off telling us how good it is...words fail me in trying to describe what total and utterly useless spineless pricks you are.

You lost. Admit it, and move on.  This burying your head in the sand and failing to stand up like men (or women) shows what is wrong with politics in this country.  You're all so lily livered and running scared of the whips (and considering your own career above the people you're supposed to serve) that I feel you all need to be kicked the hell out of power and replaced by people with some kind of a back bone.