Saturday, 8 November 2014

Evil policemen?

Evil. Consider that word. What do I mean by it? Evil. Anti-good?  Yeah, let's go with that. Arresting a man for feeding the homeless. Feeding those in want, seems like a "good" to me. So stopping him doing that is...evil.

How can a man, a policeman, arrest someone for feeding a person in real genuine want and need without doing an evil act?

If you're a policeman, and you're asked to do this, surely you ask yourself if what you're doing is right. Don't you?

If you're in the job to "enforce the law" without reference to any moral or ethical code, what makes you different to war criminals who were "just following orders". What is the difference?

There is no difference.

Even soldiers in a war zone have to consider ethical questions. A policeman must too, or he becomes quite literally evil.