Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cameron wants to stop onshore wind farms

According to this news article our wondrous leader wishes to prevent the building of further onshore wind turbines.


Is it to pander to nimbies a.k.a. voters, who sell their democratic rights for stupid reasons?

Or is it because of the high premiums that the government guarantees for energy generated in this way?

Or is it because you have a dirty hand in the oil the business?

It can't be the second reason, because the government could just stop offering such guarantees. So that leaves pandering to a few voters (I wouldn't like to suggest the third reason).

So I guess, in his opinion getting his party is more important than the Kyoto Agreement, more important than rising sea levels, more important than a highly energetic weather pattern that will bring destruction onto the entire country.

I have news for you Mr Man, your party, any party for that matter, doesn't matter a flying [mating]! The world, our future, your children's future, matters a lot more. You need to start acting like it matters to you!

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