Monday, 18 April 2016

George Osborne lying AGAIN

The UK government have produced a report claiming that leaving the EU would cost the average household £4300.

Bollocks, and here's why you shouldn't believe that propaganda.

They have already told us that they wish to stay in, and that means that anything they say should be viewed with discern.

Also, remember this is the same government that lied to us about weapons of mass destruction, constantly lies about Syria, cant get the NHS right, doesn't plan properly for population growth and generally gets everything wrong.

Now consider this.Cameron declared that he is not on the fence about this issue. That kind of suggests that he has an iron in the fire doesn't it, he should be on the fence, he should be willing to do the public's will, that's the "supposed" purpose of democracy. Well, it is, unless your him, when it's about making money and gaining power rather than doing what the people want.

Don't believe his scare-tactics bullshit.  If there was this kind of cost to the UK overall, guess what(!) he could save more than that by staying the fuck out of foreign wars we shouldn't be waging in the first place.  But will he? Will he keep taking from the poor to fund the already rich and make war, all while pumping money into the EU?

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