Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Shakespear rant.

Shakespear. Sigh. It's not even English. Even though you say it's relevant it's not. Even though you say it's great, it's really not, it's mediocre at best. Most of the plays are a confused mess to modern sensibilities. Most of the subtleties are missed by modern ears. It's cultural noise that the academics of today claim is a masterpiece because they know everyone around them who hasn't wasted time studying it is simply "not as good as them". Just geeks laughing at the muggles.

Yeah, it rhymes, so does every song lyric. Yeah, perhaps it's clever, but so are most rap lyrics. Yeah, it was a hit in its day, but you know what, no-one watches silent movies anymore, and no one cares about your Shakespear, except wannabees and people who have wasted their lives. It's not relevant it's ancient history and the stories were stolen from other playwrights, what more need be said. Except perhaps...shut up.

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